Account settings

How do I change the username?

You can change your username when you go to the menu, account settings.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going to the menu, account settings and tap on “change password” button.

How do I enter if I forgot my password?

On the login screen there is a button named “I forgot my password”. Tap on it, enter the email address with which you registered and we’ll send you the new password to your email address.

Where do I opt-out from receiving newsletters?

You can opt-out when you go to the menu, account settings and with the check box next to “I don’t want to receive newsletters.

Game settings

Why is there no pronunciation?

There can be more reasons. 

  1. If you take a look at your courses in course selection, you’ll see different icons and one of them tells you if there is pronunciation for your target language or not. 
  2. Maybe it’s turned off in your game settings. Go to the menu, game settings and look if there is a check next to “Always pronounce texts”.
  3. (Android only) Maybe there is a problem in your device’s settings. Go to settings of your android device, accessibility tools, text to speech output and change the preferred engine to Google Text-to-speech Engine and here if you tap on settings you can change the parameters. After changing them you can test them when tapping on “play”. If the sound works here, it should work in the app too.

Can I use the application in another language?

Sure, go to the menu, game settings and change the “Interface language” to any of the available languages.

Can I turn-off the dictation?

You can turn the dictation off in the menu, game settings and remove the check next to “Dictation”.

Can I turn-off the sound effects?

You can turn them off in the menu, game settings and remove the check next to “Sound effects”.

Can I turn the pronunciation off?

You can turn it off in the menu, game settings and remove the check next to “Always pronounce texts”.

I don’t want to receive any notifications. How can I turn them off? 

You can turn them off on your device and in the menu, game settings by removing the check next to “Receive notifications”. We generally advise you to leave them on, because we’re not sending anything useless 🙂

I don’t want to see the Weekly achievement at the end of every game.

You can turn it off in the menu, game settings, by removing the check next to “Don’t show weekly achievement at the end”.

I don’t want to see the Wall of fame at the end of every game.

You can turn it off in the menu, game settings, by removing the check next to “Don’t show Wall of fame at the end”.

Subscriptions and one-time payments

What does one-time payment mean?

It means that you pay once and that you will have the Premium for life-time (until December, 31st, 2099). 

How do I cancel the subscription?

(Android) Go to Play Market, Menu, Subscriptions and search for Qlango and there you can cancel it.

I can’t find Qlango among my subscriptions, but I’m sure I have a subscription running

It might be that you’re searching for it with the wrong google account which you added to your device.

How do I get a subscription if I don’t have a credit card?

Please send a mail to sales@qlango.com and we’ll find a way.

Is it possible to use the Premium on more devices?

(Android) Yes, as long as your google account is on every of the devices.

(iOS) Yes, as long as your icloud account is on avery of the devices.

I purchased premium outside of the Play Store and App Store. How do I enter my redemption code?

Download the app, register however you want, choose your course and in the menu, go to subscriptions and then there is a button below named “Code Redemption”. Tap on it and follow instructions. After that it will be possible for you to go to Subscriptions to see until when your subscription is valid.

How long is the testing period when I purchased the premium in the App Store or Play Store?

It’s 7 days, but try to cancel it on the 6th day, because Apple and Google can understand 7 days differently than you because of the different time zones.

Can I get a rebate for subscription?

If you want to use a language that is in beta state and you think you are able to test all our material, we can give you the subscription for free. If the language is not in beta state, then not.

What do I get with the subscription?

How can I turn-off the ads?

Only with subscription

Can I pay the subscription with SEPA?

Yes, send us a mail to sales@qlango.com and we’ll send you an offer.

Can I pay the subscription with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal on our site in English.

Can I pay the subscription with a credit card?

PayPal supports many credit cards and you can pay with them through it (even if you don’t have a PayPal account).

I am sure my credit card is ok, but I can’t pay for the subscription

Unfortunately all payments are done through App Store or Play Store or PayPal. We have no influence on them. If you are from the SEPA Area in Europe, you can pay via SEPA without a credit card. In Ukraine it’s possible to pay directly to PrivatBank account, in Serbia it’s possible to buy the Premium on OdIgleDoLokomotive.rs site.

How can I continue using the app after I finish the content available for free?

You can’t. We’re dependent on subscriptions and none of our coworkers wants to work for free. We think that our subscriptions aren’t so high that not everybody can afford them. Please support our work if you like our app and it really helps you with learning.

How much money do you get from App Store and Play Store, because your app is available there.

We don’t get any money only because our app is available there. The only money we get is our part of the subscription after we paid the VAT in your country and we gave 30% to Apple or Google.

Why can’t you finance your app with ads?

Because we get only up to 10 cents for every user that clicks on an ad. We don’t get any money only for showing the ads. Statistically, only 2% of users click on ads and if we’d have 10,000 users daily (which we don’t have), we’d earn 20€ per day. Qlango is not a game where many users can play more than 5 games per day like in Candy Crush or something like that. That’s why we can’t live from it.

Themes Selection

What does the gray circle around the theme icon mean?

It means that you haven’t done all the lessons from this theme yet.

What does the light blue circle around the theme icon mean?

It means that you made all lessons from this theme and that not enough time passed to have to repeat them again.

What does the red circle around the theme icon mean?

It means that it has passed enough time since the last repetition that you have to repeat it again. We have spaced repetition implemented here and the time between repetitions should be 1 day, 2 days, 4 days, 8 days, 16 days, 32 days and after that you should know about 95% of the learning material

What does the green circle around the theme icon mean?

It means that you’ve repeated enough times and that you don’t have to repeat it anymore.

What does the number next to the opened book icon mean?

It tells you how many lessons are there in the theme.

What does the number next to the three horizontal lines mean?

It tells you how many questions are there in the theme.

For which percentages we get how many stars?

For 50% and more you get 1 star, for 65% and more you get 2 stars, for 80% and more you get 3 stars, for 90% and more you get 4 stars, for 95% and more you get 5 stars.

Why can’t I play any of the themes from the Phase 2 on?

They are available with subscription only.

(Android only) What do the tabs on the left side mean?

You can switch between courses, levels and contents here.

Can I change the amount of hours that should pass between each definition before a lesson turns red?

Not yet. It’s scientifically proven way and we don’t think it has sense to change it in any way.


How do I report a mistake in questions/answers?

After you answer the question there is a button with an exclamation mark on it. Tap on it and write what you think is wrong and we’ll check it and answer you. You’ll find our answer in the app’s internal messages. Thanks in advance.

How do I report a mistake in user-interface texts?

Please make a screenshot and send it to info@qlango.com with the description of the mistake. Thanks in advance.

How do I copy the text from Qlango to Google Translate to check it?

Just like in every other application. Select it and copy it 🙂

I would like to tell you something, purpose a cooperations, etc. How can I do that?

One way is our app’s internal messages system. The other is mail to support@qlango.com. Then there is a possibility to write us a message in Facebook messenger, on Skype, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.


How do we start learning if we don’t know the target language at all?

Why isn’t there the language X?

Adding a new language is connected with big expenses, searching for good translators, searching for people to support users who will learn it, etc. We want to add as many languages as possible, but we try to support the languages that are interesting to our users or for which we think people who know it would like to learn other already available languages. If you want to help us with a language that is not available yet, please contact us: info@qlango.com

How can I change my course?

(iOS & Android) You can change the course if you go to the menu, Course selection

(Android only) You tap on the tab on the left side with the from language-to language flags.

Where do I select that I would like to learn only words or words with example phrases?

(iOS) You can change that if you go to the menu, Course selection, select your course and then in the second selection you select what you want to learn.

(Android) You can change that by tapping on the tab on the left side in the Theme Selection where there are “Words” and “Words & Examples” tabs. Tap on one or another.

How can I change the difficulty in which I’m learning?

(iOS) Go to the menu, Course selection, select your course, then your content and then the difficulty you want.

(Android) The difficulty selection is on lesson selection at the bottom. Just tap on the desired number and then start.

How can I add a new course?

Go to the menu, Course selection, tap on plus and select the language you know and the language you want to learn

My English course disappeared with all my progress. You probably entered a different way than the first time. Please try to remember how you entered (Google account, Facebook account, Apple account or email registration). Enter with the right credentials and everything will be where it was.

How do we learn a language we can’t read?

When you tap on the tiles we pronounce the words so it’s not necessary to know how to read. In the long term we want to add alphabet learning to our app. Until then, please search for an internet source to learn how to read.

My biggest problem is listening comprehension. How can the app help me with that?

We suggest you redefine your difficulty 4 so that it will have 100% dictation and go through all the lessons with this difficulty. It’s a proven way and it works.

When are you planning to add new levels?

We are adding new levels all the time. It depends on the amount of users with subscriptions who use the particular course. The more users there are, the sooner we make the next level. Level A2 is planned until the end of October 2020 for Finnish, Lithuanian and Slovak. Level B1 is planned until the end of the year 2020 for English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech and Turkish. The other will follow in 2021.

Which languages are planned next?

Mid-term we’re planning to add: Bengali, Armenian, Georgian, Farsi, Latin, Icelandic, Latvian, Catalan, Esperanto, Estonian and Kazakh.

Long-term we’re planning to add: Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Indonesian, Irish, Hebrew, Punjabi, Filipino, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese.

That will make 53 languages by the end of June 2021.

If you want a language that we aren’t supporting and aren’t planning to support, write to us. Maybe your vote will help us to decide on new languages.

Why is there no pronunciation in some languages (for example Slovenian, Macedonian, …)?

We depend on Google and Apple for pronunciation and if they don’t think the language is important enough, they don’t make the pronunciation. We’re too small to make our own voice recording and to be honest in many languages Google’s and Apple’s pronunciations are really good. Some are worse, like Croatian/Serbian/Albanian for example. Let’s hope Google and Apple will make them soon.


Why can’t I register or enter with my Facebook or my Google account?

You said that you are younger than 16 and we’re not allowed to allow you entering our app with any of these accounts. Please ask your parents to enter with their accounts.

I entered the app with Facebook, Google or Apple account and I don’t know the password. Where can I get it?

On the login screen search for the button “I forgot my password”, enter your e-mail address which should be the same as it is in any of the listed accounts and we’ll send you a new password. You can then later change it as described at 1.2..

How do I connect my registration with my Facebook or Google account?

Go to the menu, account settings and under connect with tap on the desired account logo.

Wall of Fame

Which time zone is used for the Wall of Fame?

At the moment it’s CET, because most users are from Europe, but that could change in the future. We can’t use your local time here, because the Wall of Fame is global.

How do I move back in time in the Wall of Fame?

Swipe left/right or tap on < and >.

What does the asterisk (*) next to the date mean?

It means that this period isn’t finished yet. You can see that on the weekly, monthly, yearly wall of fame.

What does the sigma sign mean?

In the first row it shows you all users that were using the app. In the second row you see all users that were using the app since the beginning. If you tap on both sigmas, you see the Wall of Fame of all courses and all time.

What do the buttons in the first row do?

The first button shows you users that are using the same course as you. The second shows you all users that are learning from the same language as you do. The third shows all users that are learning the same language as you do. By default we show you all users that learn the same language as you.

What do the buttons in the second row do?

First button shows you the Wall of Fame by Days, the second by Weeks, the third by Months, the forth by Years and the last overall.

Weekly plan and achievement

How do I change the weekly plan?

Go to the menu, “Set weekly plan” and set what you think is realistic for you. You can change it later at any given time.

Why isn’t the graph showing more than 6 lessons per day?

Because we think that if the user is learning in the appropriate difficulty, he can’t make more than 5 lessons per day. Of course we’re not here to prohibit it 🙂

Which time zone is used for the weekly plan/achievement?

(iOS) CET, we want to support your local time zone in the first trimester of 2021.

(Android) Your local time zone.

What happens when we remove a course?

Nothing. They stay where they are and you can see them if you add the removed course again.

User statistics

What do user statistics show?

They show course stats, medals and your learning history.

What do course stats show?

We show you the list of all your active courses and for each course we show you the Mark, how many Games you played, how many words you learned and how many examples you learned.

What does the Mark mean?

If you finished level A1 learning Words in one course you get the mark of 100. Only if they are all blue or green. If they get red (it’s time to repeat them) the mark gets lower. For learning Words & Examples in A1 you can reach 200, for every next level and Words or Words & Examples you get another 100. The number after the slash (/) tells you what is the highest mark.

What do the medals mean?

I think the medals are quite self-explanatory. Tap on them and you’ll see what you already accomplished and what you have to do to reach the next medal color.

What do I see in the “History”?

You see your last 100 lessons. Date and time when you made them, which course you were learning, what level, which content, which stage, what theme, which lesson and in which difficulty. It sometimes helps when users forget what they were using the last time.

Lesson selection

For the stars and colors take a look at the “Theme selection” section.

(Android only) What does the blue icon next to “Select a difficulty” mean?

When you tap on it, you can define your own difficulties. What you want to learn, what not, how sensitive should the app be to mistakes and so on.

(Android only) Why is my percentage on the card above 20%, when the percentage below the (1) is 100%?

Every of the five difficulties give you 20% if you make them with 100%. If you make the first difficulty 100%, the overall percentage for this lesson is only 20%. If you make the second difficulty, you can reach 40% and so on until the 5th difficulty, where you can reach 100%.

(Android only) What does “Automatic difficulty selection” mean?

It suggests to you the next difficulty that you should make. If your 3rd difficulty is colored blue or green and the percentage is higher than 80%, we tell you to “Hold”. We don’t suggest you make the lesson again. If it’s blue or green but the percentage is below 80%, we tell you to “Improve results”. If the lesson is red or gray, we suggest you take it with the next available difficulty.

(iOS only) Why do the “Hold”, “Improve result” and “Start” on the button below mean?

“Hold” means that there is nothing to do at the moment and that you should wait until the lesson turns red. If it’s green, it will never turn red again.

“Improve result” means that you haven’t received more than 80% and that you have to repeat the lesson.

“Start” means that the lesson is red and that you have to repeat it or that you never learned this lesson before (it’s colored gray).

Why is there no words/examples list on the lesson card?

We think that if the user reads the card before entering the game, he can remember all the examples and answer them. That’s why they’re hidden in difficulty 5. But you can change this for every difficulty in the custom difficulty settings.

The game

Why is there a daily lesson limitation?

We depend solely on subscriptions and we have to make a difference between free and premium users. Otherwise nobody would pay for Premium.

There are only numbers on the screen. What do I have to do?

The numbers on blue hexagon mean the word number which you can repeat. We allow you to repeat each word separately, which helps a lot or you can repeat the whole sentence.

How do we change pronunciation parameters?

Take a look at the text to speech settings of your device described in game settings. Mid-term we will make text to speech settings in our app.

How can the app ask which of the 4 given answers is the right one if we don’t know the language at all?

Tap on the button with the question mark and we will show you the right answer.

How can we answer if we don’t see the complete questions or hint?

Scroll them left/right to see it all

I’m writing the right answer but the app isn’t accepting it. What can be wrong?

Some questions have multiple answers. They are all in tiles. Write only one of the answers and the app will accept it.

When we tap on the hint, we get only a few letters of the right answer. How can we know what the answer is?

Tap on the hint until you’ll know the answer

The Keyboard / Typing

I can’t type the character ä, ß, ç, é, … What can I do?

  1. The best way is to install a keyboard that supports multiple languages and that you add the language you need. 
  2. On some keyboards you can press and hold the keys to get additional characters (pressing and holding an e, could give you ë, ę, é, etc.). 
  3. We suggest SwiftKey from Microsoft (It doesn’t support turning the suggestions off), Gboard from Google (I’m using it myself for 12 languages at the same time and it even allows you to turn off suggestions, which can help you too much when you’re learning), Xperia keyboards are quite good, but they aren’t available on newer Sony phones, but you can still download them from different APK sources. I don’t know about Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung keyboards. 
  4. You can type the letter without these “signs” and the answer will still be accepted, depending on sensitivity settings for each difficulty. You can change the sensitivity in Custom difficulty settings.

When I’m typing the answer, my keyboard is suggesting the words to me. How can I turn it off? 

Not all keyboards support this feature. Gboard is the keyboard which supports it. You can work around this problem if you set a keyboard that is different from your target language, but it works only conditionally, if your target language uses the same character set as the alternative language.

When I’m typing the answer, my keyboard makes the first character uppercase and it gets on my nerves when the app is correcting me because of that

Just ignore it or install another keyboard. I think only Switt has such a problem. I am not sure it is possible to turn it off. This doesn’t give you less points 😉

Sometimes the app accepts my answer although there is one mistake, although all letters are in the right case (uppercase/lowercase), although there is or there isn’t a sign above/below special characters and so on. What is the reason?

Every difficulty has a different sensibility setting. In difficulty 2 you can type with a lot of different mistakes whereas in difficulty 5 almost everything should be correct. You can change this settings if you go to difficulty customization described in Lesson selection.

Why doesn’t it accept an answer which is also correct?

It accepts only answers it knows about. We are adding alternative answers all the time, but it can still be that we haven’t added the one you found. Make a report by tapping on the button with the exclamation mark and write us which answer should be accepted.

Why didn’t it accept an answer the first time, but the second time?

Sometimes we think we did everything correctly, but we didn’t. In such cases we suggest you make a screenshot and send it to a friend or to us (info@qlango.com) and we’ll take a look.

Start suggested lesson (Android only)

Why do I have to do what it’s suggesting to me?

You don’t have to. It’s only a suggestion for users who don’t want to think about what lesson they have to make next. 

I finished a lesson and it’s colored blue or green, but the suggestion still wants me to repeat it. Why?

Because all lessons should be done with at least 80% before you can continue.

It suggests to me that I have to take a lesson at a higher difficulty than I want. Why?

If you make at least one lesson in any of the themes at a higher difficulty, it suggests you make all lessons in all themes of this phase at the same difficulty. Except your “Hardest questions” difficulty is more than 1 level lower. Then it suggests to you a difficulty that is only one level higher. The algorithm behind “Next lesson suggestion” is very sophisticated and was thoroughly tested and we suggest that you follow it’s suggestions 🙂

Hardest questions (Android only)

How do the “hardest questions” work?

When you finish all lessons in all themes in one specific difficulty with at least 80%, we create “Hardest questions” for you. It contains all the questions for which you needed at least one hint to answer. These are the questions you should focus on without repeating the whole lessons, because you know other questions in this phase already.

I made all lessons with at least 80%, but I still can’t create “Hardest questions”. You probably haven’t made all the lessons in all themes. Check all themes and scroll left and right between lesson cards to see what you did.

Tutorial (Android only)

How can I see the in-app tutorials?

You can see them by tapping on our elephant in the upper left corner.

Platform availability

Why is the app on Android not the same as on iOS?

Because we’re only a small team and we can’t develop for both platforms at the same time so one of them is always a little behind.

How can I use the app on a Mac?

On Mac computers it’s possible to use the app.

How can I use the app on a PC?

Only if you install an Android emulator.

How can I use the app in a browser?

You can’t at the moment, but we want to release a version for the web in the first trimester of 2021.

Graphical elements

Why is your mascot an elephant?

Because elephants have a good memory

Why is it blue?

Because in Slovenian the blue color is “moder”, but it’s also the word for wise. So our elephant is a wise one 🙂

Why are we collecting peanuts?

Why not? You collect XP or any other points in other games and apps. We decided to collect peanuts, because our elephant loves them

What is the elephant’s name?

His name is Qlango.

Why are all icons hexagonal?

No particular reason. We wanted to be different from others so we decided to use the hexagon.


ow can I use the app without an internet connection?

At the moment you can’t, but we want to make an offline version in the second trimester of 2021.

My connection works, but the app is telling me that there are interruptions, although other apps, the browser, mail, etc. work without problems. What could be the reason?

In most cases there is a problem with the router or with the modem or with the connection itself. Contact your system administrator or your internet service provider to solve the problem. You can try it with the mobile connection, maybe it works. If the mobile connection doesn’t work, try the Wi-Fi at a friend or in a public place (although it might me that it doesn’t work on certain public places either).